"OMG Karen.. These are AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING!!!!!! I cannot even express how fantastic it was to work with you! My entire family commented on how wonderful you were! I’m sorry I didn’t say goodbye on Sunday night, I was so exhausted and just couldn’t think straight. But I wanted to THANK YOU for everything! Having you as our photographer was the very first decision I made in this whole process. And the only thing I felt 100% on all the way through. You are a true pro!"

"I just looked at the pictures for the first time. I had the BEST time going through them all by myself. I completely relived and enjoyed the whole day all over again thanks to your beautiful photos. They are truly wonderful and capture the spirit of the day from the portraits to the service to the, apparently very rockin', party!

I truly can't thank you enough. I need to spend so much more time going through them and enjoying them over the next few days, weeks and years!

Thanks doesn't begin to express my appreciation."


"Karen you were so AMAZING on Saturday – thank you for everything!! The montage was great…we love it and so appreciate all of your time and patience!"

- Susan


THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

And all caps cuz that's how much I'm yelling :)

xo "


"OMG, you are so flipping amazing! These are fantastic! Really, it was an amazing night and you somehow captured the whole feel of it and got some really cool pictures with key people in it!"

"You have an incredible gift to capture a moment in time --- and I am most grateful. We will treasure these photos. Thank you."
- Beth

"OMG Karen!!!! Wow! I'm just speechless. These look GREAT!!! I just so happened to be in my inbox when your email popped up. You just made my day. Kevin has a big smile on his face (now he's showing some major teeth). LOL! These look great Karen, thank you so much!!! Those pictures with us walking through the brush, wow who would have known they'd come out so great. I just said to Kevin, "never doubt the eye of a genius, she obviously saw something with that shot." LOL! I can't wait to share these!"

- Sandra

"I just wanted to send over a little note to let you know just how much fun I had working with you at Camp Spivak this weekend! You are such a gifted photographer and I simply cannot wait to share your contact info with some takers!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the POW shot on your site, the moutasched bride and groom, the baby asleep sitting up, the bride getting sinched into her wedding gown, the swamp photo, the bride with the tears streaming down her face! Your photos make me laugh and actually cry! Bravo bravo!

To working together again, SOON! "

- Tracy

"The pictures are awesome! Thank you so much for this. You really captured the personality of us all as a family and we just love them."


"Hi Karen! We received the album on Friday and it is gorgeous!! I relived every moment of the day!!"
- Judi

"Great job, we are all very, very happy with your work."

I’m Karen, a Los Angeles based photographer. I always aim to document real moments, waiting for that one thing to tell it’s story. And everything and everyone has a story. These images are how I see the world. Welcome.



Los Angeles, CA


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