I’m not sure how to get through my day without having a creative outlet. Photography has been that for me since I was a teenager. I haven’t been a teenager in a very long time. I just need to shoot. I don’t know how to not shoot. To capture moments. Everywhere. Ask my kids. It annoys them.

This will, however, probably not annoy you. You presumably are here to find that person that is obsessed with every second and every detail and all those fleeting moments in between. And I’d love to capture those for you, so you can look back at these images in a week, a year, a decade from now, and smile at the feelings of joy that wash over you. I’d love to create something for you next. Call me.


I’m Karen, a Los Angeles based photographer. I always aim to document real moments, waiting for that one thing to tell it’s story. And everything and everyone has a story. These images are how I see the world. Welcome.



Los Angeles, CA


karen ard